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RUNAR | Viking Petersen Type O Sword

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Viking SWORD Reproduction of the highest quality, collectible of a so-called Petersen type O sword, which was used in the 10th century. The particular subtype O1 is described as a Scandinavian sword with a hilt cast in bronze.

The largest number of these swords - 12 up to this day - were found in Norway, other artifacts come from Denmark, Sweden, Baltic countries, Germany, France, England, and Iceland.


  • Materials: 54SiCr6 (high carbon steel), Bronze hilt and Silver wire
  • Overall length: 92.5 cm
  • Sharp blade: 77 cm long and 5 cm wide
  • Point of balance: 13 cm
  • Width of the guard 10.5 cm
  • Length of the two-partite pommel: 4 cm
  • Handle: 10 cm (leather part)
  • Handmade